Running WGTN

A university project for which I was tasked with producing a booklet to promote Wellington, New Zealand. Running shoes serve as the basis for illustrative representations of running locations around Wellington (WGTN), New Zealand.
The Guide to Running

The booklet is designed to highlight three great running locations around Wellington, New Zealand, with a bright and colourful approach and large interesting illustrations. The tracks progress by difficulty level, making it perfect for someone to challenge themselves progressively at each stage!

Round the Bays

The first track is Wellington's "Round the Bays", a level road track which has a decent distance, but fairly flat incline and nice views of the City.

Otari-Wilton Bush

The Otari-Wilton bush track is the second course in the booklet, with slightly more difficult and hilly terrain than "Round the Bays".

Skyline Track

The final and hardest "Skyline Track" is a challenging ridge-top run, with expansive overlooking views of Wellington City. Great on a sunny day!


The final spread in the booklet contains a convenient graphical map of Wellington for finding the tracks!

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